Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Washington, DC

Got back from my business trip to Washington, DC last week. It was pretty tiring but I enjoyed it. We stayed and trained actually in Arlington, VA, but our hotel was right next to Arlington Cemetery and we were able to visit DC on a few occassions.

We went down there to train on a software product called JRules from a company called ILOG. Its a rules engine based in Java that we plan to use within our company. Pretty neat product. Training was good, learned alot and I feel alot more comfortable with the product. Now the difficult part begins... designing and writing our applications to use it. Using a rules engine kinda changes the way you think about things because its not the same as straight forward programming. Not so procedural, I guess.

Boy did I miss my family. I cried like a baby saying goodbye to the wife and kids. I missed them so much. I hated going away. It was exciting to be going on a business trip, but it sucked leaving family. But I think it made me realize more how much I love them and how much I hate going a day without seeing them.

In the evenings, we tried to get out and go to dinner and see some of DC in the remaining hours of day light. If only we had gone a week later we would have benefitted from switching back to Eastern Standard Time... ah well. So we were able to stop at the Washington Monument, the Capitol, The White House, the WWII Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, and the Lincoln Memorial. We were out until 10:30p that night seeing those places. When we were at the White House we witnessed a protest led by Cindy Sheehan mourning the 2000th American death in Iraq. It was pretty intense with all the people chanting and shouting at each other. Both sides were represented so there was some tense moments. Very interesting.

Overall, I had a good time. Learned alot and was very tired every evening. Washington, DC is a very interesting place and I'd like to visit it again with my family. The business trip was fun too, learned alot about a good product and look forward to using it.


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