Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Halloween Costumes 2005 - Part 1

Well, I have been working every night for the past week on the boys halloween costumes. Tonight I decided to take the evening off to watch my show (Lost on ABC) and relax alittle. Anyways, they are going to be crayons. Red and green. I have spent way too much time on making these things as perfect as I could. I have been sewing, cutting, drawing, stitching, etc and boy is it fun, but tiring. I will definitely try and post pictures of the final costumes when they are finished. I will try and describe how I made them as well, I am pretty impressed with myself. I searched the internet to see if anyone had done something like this before (in the way I wanted them to look) and I did not see anything, so I did it all from ideas my wife and I came up with. We'll see...


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