Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What a sweet site. Its like slashdot but what stories appear on the main page is controlled by the users. If you like a story, you vote for it (digg it). There is also this neat spy page which allows you to see what other users are digging in real time.

Another thing about this site I love, besides the abundence of constantly updated and interesting stories is that fact that alot of it is driven using AJAX. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is what is stands for and its been around awhile, but just recently has it begun to get some attention. It really got popular when Google started using it in its Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Suggest applications. So anyways, on this site, when you "digg" a story, it does it using AJAX. And the spy page refreshes every 10 seconds using AJAX. Pretty slick. (Thats my word as of late, slick) :0)


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