Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Big Brother 6

Its almost here! Can't wait! Big Brother 6 premieres this Thursday July 7th @ 8PM. I've watched every season of Big Brother. Its really a nice refreshing summer series. Its not overkill as its only a couple months out of the year, unlike Survivor where they are now shoving it down your throat with one season ending and another starting up a week later. Anyways, plus its fun to see what sorta people they throw into a house and see how they interact. And there's usually a neat twist thrown into the mix to make it all the more interesting.

I won't be able to watch the premiere live as I will be at a wedding rehersal party. But I am sure one of my wonderful co-workers will tape it or Tivo it for me. :0)

Looking at the list of house guests on the site, my very first unofficial prediction (based on looks and the small bios) for the winner is James. But I am not going to hold myself to that. Only after I see the first episode I will make my official guess at the season's winner.


Blogger Jiggie said...

Don't worry Super Dave, I taped it for you!

4:07 PM  

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