Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Xbox Live

Signed up for Xbox live this past week. Got a friend who has it. Should be fun. I bought a NETGEAR Wireless Adapter (WGE111) and so far it hasn't been the most fun thing I've ever set up. Not by a long shot. Out of the box, I had to turn off all my security to get it on the network which is understandable. But it claims to support MAC filtering and having broadcasting turned off (if you dont know what those mean, I apologize). So anyways, when I turn on those security features, it can't connect to my network. So I've turned them off, but managed to keep encryption (WPA) turned on. And it worked for a night or so, then after a game it cut out. I left it for the next day and haven't been able to reconnect since. I've rebooted it any everything and it doesn't seem to work. Ugh! I am thinking I need to reset the damn thing AGAIN and set it all up again. I swear if I have it doesnt work again I am returning the damn thing. I might try the 24x7 free phone support it says is included.


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