Sunday, April 24, 2005

Nintendo DS

Played the Nintendo DS this weekend over at my parents house. More accurately I played the Nintendo DS owned by my brother. Boy, what a great little system that is. The games are very addicting and the touch screen is extremely intuitive. My son even began playing it and he got really really good at it. I think we may just get him (*cough* me *cough*) one for his birthday... ;0)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Xbox Live

Signed up for Xbox live this past week. Got a friend who has it. Should be fun. I bought a NETGEAR Wireless Adapter (WGE111) and so far it hasn't been the most fun thing I've ever set up. Not by a long shot. Out of the box, I had to turn off all my security to get it on the network which is understandable. But it claims to support MAC filtering and having broadcasting turned off (if you dont know what those mean, I apologize). So anyways, when I turn on those security features, it can't connect to my network. So I've turned them off, but managed to keep encryption (WPA) turned on. And it worked for a night or so, then after a game it cut out. I left it for the next day and haven't been able to reconnect since. I've rebooted it any everything and it doesn't seem to work. Ugh! I am thinking I need to reset the damn thing AGAIN and set it all up again. I swear if I have it doesnt work again I am returning the damn thing. I might try the 24x7 free phone support it says is included.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Its been awhile

Boy oh boy, its been awhile. I don't think I can even remember all the stuff that has happened in the past month to recap. Been real busy at work, just finishing up a project, getting it into the test environments, and moving on into another project. So that'll be a nice change. Hopefully my next few projects will have alittle less to do with Oracle E-Business Suite :0)

Had some trees removed from our yard today. We had a crab apple tree and a pine tree removed from our front yard, and a larger tree that I have no idea what it was from the back. They did a pretty nice job, and the price was great. It really opens up the yard more, and you can see the front of our house so much better. Now I have to begin the other yard work like ripping out the bushes and fixing the holes in the ground from the trees. But it should be fun, and I need the manual labor, i GOT to get back in shape.

The wife is out of town for the weekend. So it's just me and the boys. Nothing but Mac N' Cheese all weekend! No, not really. But it should (and has been thus far) a pretty fun time. Geez, I work all day and generally only see my boys in the afternoon/evening and the weekends. I love these guys to death. Being just me and them constantly has made me love them so much more, giving me that aching-love feeling even when they just go to bed. I miss them! I can't see how my wife can break away for 4 days when she's with them so much and has such a bond with them. I really love spending time with them. So I am really taking this weekend and reflecting and just spending some good quality time with my sons.
When they are napping or sleeping, I have had more of a chance to play on the computer. Getting alittle farther in Myst and Riven than I have in awhile. :0) My plan for the weekend has been to not have a plan. Just hang out, chill with the boys, and just diddle on the computer when they are sleepin or watching their DVDs.

Oh that brings me to The Incredibles. I bought the DVD this past month. What a great movie, I really like it. Took my son, S, to the theater to see it and he loved it. E is alittle to young still. Although I guess grandma took them to see Robots and E sat through it just fine. From what my mother in law tells me, she thinks Robots is right up there with the best movies, an instant classic.

Getting Xbox Live in the next week or so. A buddy of mine at work got xbox and xbox live as a wedding gift from his fiance and he's been urging me to get the live part (I already had the box). So I finally caved and got it. I had to get a wireless adapater so I could hook my Xbox into my wireless network. I ended up getting a Netgear Wireless G Access Point, Ralli Sport 2, and the 12 month xbox live starter kit (with Crimson Skies) for $149 all from Amazon and that includes all shipping, tax, etc. So not half bad I think. I am a tight wad when it comes to my money, so I try and find the best deals possible. My dad says I try and split my dollars and spend them twice.

Oh and my sister (and parents) got us Radio Controlled Hummer and Jeep trucks! How sweet! Thanks guys! My sister was buying one for use over in Iraq (got a video from her playing with it, looked like fun) and got a good deal and bought the boys one each. These things go everywhere, and they are a riot. So much fun, thanks again mom, dad, and sis.

Anyways, so thats about it. Think I got a bunch of the stuff that occurred. So until next time....