Sunday, March 13, 2005


Whew! Been crazy the past week and I have not been able to get on here and post something. Between work, home improvement work, spending time with the kids, having family over to the house, having friends over for alittle Texas Hold 'Em (which I lost in btw), its been busy. So let's see, quick update.

MS Money is going good. Still like it, I think I got all our accounts and bills in there and set up correctly. Its really cool to see how it tracks everything, and it does it in a sleek way. Gotta reiterate, Microsoft did a decent job on this product...but then again I haven't tried Quicken or the others. But I would say if it sucked too.

House is relatively the same since I last talked about it. My wife painted the kitchen set (maroon) as well as the cupboards (black) and it really looks nice; it gives them a totally new look. And, being the penny pincher that I am, I am very happy with the way it turned out and that it only cost as much as the paint. Plus my wife got a nice sense of accomplishment out of it too. So things look great with the new kitchen floor.

Work has been busy...I have a project I am trying to finish up and I was at work until 10:30pm last Friday. I left when they turned the lights out on me! But I'm almost there...anyone have any serious experience in Oracle E-Business Suite? :) Hey, its worth a shot.

I guess my sister is doing well in Iraq. Sent over a laptop a couple months ago and now her Captain wants an iBook, so I just bought one to customize and send over to him. Trying to keep our troops happy and comfortable as possible. I personally have the PowerBook and absolutely love it, so anything on the mac side is a good choice.

Wedding anniversary is coming up! Looks like the wife is taking me out to see a lacrosse game next weekend, the Rochester Knighthawks versus the Buffalo Bandits. My home town favorites (bandits) versus my new town's team. And right now only a win separates them in the standings, so it should be good.

Well thats about it, sorry for the lapse. Goodnight....


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