Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Today was a nice day. Came home from work today, the wife made a wonderful dinner. We exchanged our valentine's day cards, and the boys and I got out theres. A couple days ago, mommy went out shopping, so the boys and I made her Valentine's Day cards. It really was alot of fun. Me and my annoying perfectionism made for some stressful moments, but all in all the boys did their own work. I cut out hearts and other shapes and helped them glue everything together. Sticky and fun! But they really turned out well and their mommy loved them. My wife and I are trying to keep things simple and save money, so we just exchanged cards. But I broke down and got her a CD. :) I was supposed to to her the CD from Kassie DePaiva, who is a soap star who has an album. But I could not find it, so I ended up getting her the new Alicia Keys CD. We had just been discussing it the night before while watching the grammys. What an amazing artist she is, I mean really, shes really talented!
So another successful and enjoyable Valentine's Day. I am thankful for my Valentine, as I hope she is happy with me. ;)


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