Sunday, February 13, 2005

Old Friends

Just got an email from an old friend from my high school and early college days. She has moved far away since those days and started her life. That just got me thinking about all the old friends I've had and how its funny how you're so close with people, but indefinitely you grow up, grow apart and make your own lives. After college you persue your careers and start your families and it gets difficult to keep as close and as in touch as you once were and hoped to be forever. Guess thats just how it goes. But you have to make an effort to keep some friends close.

I've found that the friends I've made in my final year of college and first year out of it are the ones I will keep in touch with for a long long time. Hopefully thats really how it will go, and not just because they are the most recent. Now that I am establishing myself, settling down, I think I am in for the long run with most of them.

But its also nice to keep in touch with old friends, see how they are doing and how life is treating them too.


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