Monday, February 14, 2005

My sis

Just missing my sis on this Valentine's Day. The boys were talking about her today. Maybe she'll read this blog and post a comment! *hint* *hint* :0)

Love ya Sis!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, you're such a dork, I like the hint hint, haha. Thanks for the little note, I feel kinda famous now. I read your piece on old friends and that reminded me that a couple of weeks ago I ran into a kid that you graduated from High school with. His name was Haggerty I think. I was going to my vehicle when he yelled, "SPC Hergert!" (Names are on our uniform of course) I turned around and there was this Corporal. He asked me if I was from Buffalo and I said yes. Then he asked if I had a brother named Dave. So, of course I was floored, but he told me to tell you he said hi. Its such a small world you know, to meet someone I had never met before, who knew you, over here in of all places...Iraq! But yeah, his name was Haggerty I think and he says hello. I guess hes doing good and hopefully going home soon. Well, I should be going, missing you lots. Tell the boys I said I love them and give them big hugs for me. Love ~ Lyndsay

4:32 AM  
Blogger hergio said...

Wow, isn't it a small world! I do believe that would be Ryan Haggerty if I'm not mistaken. I am blown away. I cannot remember what he looks like, but I will be sure to pull out the dusty old yearbook and see. Tell him I said hello back if you see him again.

Well thanks for commenting. I hope to see more up here from you, sister. I am emailin' friends and family about this blog thing so hopefully I'll get some more feedback.

Thanks, love you too.

8:11 AM  

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