Monday, February 28, 2005

Microsoft Money 2005

Bought Microsoft Money 2005 this past Friday. Bought it online at Best Buy online, paid for it online and opted for the pickup from the store the next day...couldn't wait to get my grubby little hands on it. Have had some good reviews from people at work about it, so I thought I would take stab with it. Try and get those bills in check. Plus it was on sale at BB for $39, and plus MS is offering a $20 mail in I might get it for $20 total, if that rebate goes through. But who knows, they might see I bought it onsale and not give me the credit.

Anyways, I've tried it out some and its nice. I like how it connects up to your bank and credit card accounts nicely. And I am going to try and start paying some bills with it. But overall the interface is very slick and intuitive. As I become more affluent with it, I will post my thoughts about it on here.

But one thing that rubs me the wrong way is my bank charges for the ability to have MS Money connect up to it and download account information. And even with that, I can only 'sync' up 15 times a month. Crap I tell ya! I'll be letting them know I don't like that, and that I will begin researching other banks for perks such as free MS Money connectivity. I mean, they have my money and make money on it, the least they can do is let my computer connect up and download.


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