Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm onboard

Ok, I've finally succumbed to the blogging phenomenon. After seeing all the hype on the internet about blogging, it definitely seems like the next big thing. And plus it just seems like a really neat idea to be able to put my thoughts out there, let people read them and see what they think. I've found it extremely interesting to read some of the high profile blogs out there, as well as some of the lesser known ones. So I've said "what the hell", I'll give it shot. See if I can keep up on this thing and post some interesting bits and pieces of my life.

Lets see if I can list out the things that I might talk about on here in the future and then I can look back at this post as see how wrong or right I was.
  • I'll probably talk about my wonderful family. I really have to say I have been absolutely blessed with a great family. Not just with the one I grew up in, but with the family I've married into and the one I've created with my wife.
  • My sister; shes in Iraq right now serving her duty for our country. Shes been there for maybe 5 months and she'll be there probably over 6 months from now so she's always on our minds. We support her and all our troops 100%.
  • My job and the work I'm doing; I've been again blessed to have a great job at an even greater company. I may divulge more information on that as I get more comfortable online, but due to all the recent hoop-la about people getting fired for blogging about their jobs, I'll tread lightly.
  • Things I read about online or in my day to day activities. I read Slashdot regularly so there are always some good things to talk about.
  • Programming, Java, Computers in general. I am a tech guy, so that sort of stuff always amuses me.
So I guess we'll see how well I know myself a couple months from now. So with that; my first post if finished and I am off to bed.


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